Vancouver Wedding Industry Meetup

Last Thursday, just before the Easter long weekend, I had a pleasure to photographed Vancouver Wedding Industry Meetup's event where located at the beautiful venue The Alexander and Brooklyn Gastown.

This is my first year to attend this event, I was pumped to meet some new friends, as well as see some familiar faces. Starting of the night, I see Young, Hip & Married carrying over 50 lbs of candy goodness, and it's not hard to smell the wonderful food providing by Railtown Catering, everyone was having fun mingling. I chatted with with all our wedding industry families, eat  dessert, use the PIXSTAR Photo Booth, listen to Side One, and dance the night away!

I wanted to thank Filosophi EventMichael WachniakNick & Deb, and all the people came out for the night, you guys made this event as awesome as was it.