Engagement | Jordan + Tiffany | Lighthouse Park

Jordan and Tiffany met in a painting class during their undergrad degrees at the University of Alberta. They sat in the common room next to one another.

Tiffany is a big fanTutors, mostly Elizabeth I. In their trip to England in 2013, Tiffany took Jordan to see Hampton Court Palace—one of Tiffany's favourite places as it has so much history.

They got to the palace, and Jordan made a big deal about going out to see the gardens in the back first. Knowing that he is was probably more interested in the park plans as he is a landscape architect, indulged him and beelined through the palace. He sat on a 1.5h train ride to get here, so why not? We stopped by the main water feature and watched swans and ducks swimming.

"Jordan took both my hands and said a bunch of mushy stuff. Most of it was a blur" according to Tiffany, as he got down on one knee and Tiffany repeatedly asking "What are you doing?". It was great as the palace had just opened for the day, so there were no people around for their big moment.