Engagement | Heidi + Lee | Stanley Park

There’s the old saying young love never lasts… and then there’s Lee & Heidi. 

This down-to-earth couple met when they were in their early teens, but it wasn’t quite a love-at-first-site moment.

“I used to see Heidi and her best friend skateboarding around town with their really wide jeans and pink hair (hard to imagine now!),” says Lee. 

“My best friend and I eventually introduced ourselves at the food court in a crummy mall. Thinking it would make her laugh, I stuck a french fry in her ear.”

“She hated me for it.”

It took seven years, but Lee finally owned up to his crush. They reunited in their 20s, and have been together ever since.

Their engagement shoot on a postcard-perfect day in Stanley Park revealed how much these two care about one another.

You can see it in the photos: this soon-to-be-married duo are easy-breezy in one another’s arms, laughing and playing where other couples might feel more awkward. They didn’t hesitate to clown around for the camera, or get serious, which strikes me as useful skills for their upcoming marriage. 

Never ones to do the traditional thing (remember the pink hair?), Heidi and Lee will be married on a yacht overlooking Vancouver, while 45 of their closest friends and family look on.

With a love story that already spans over a decade, I’m excited to see them seal the deal in August. 

Congrats to Heidi & Lee!