Queen Elizabeth Park

Engagement | Elisha + Ty | Queen Elizabeth Park

Ty and Elisha met randomly at a bar in Yaletown. He was recovering from a heavy night of drinking the night before, and Elisha was with a girlfriend checking out the scene. They had a nice chat over water and 7-Up. From the conversation they discovered they have a lot of the same interests to the point where we literally have the same thought and it's become a game to see who can verbalize it first!

AS a hiking lover, Ty had intentions of proposing at the top of the Chief, in Squamish. Luckily for Elisha, the weather didn't want to co-operate, so Ty began planning for Plan B - Trout Lake Farmer's Market. They had our first date here in the summer of 2013. While having lunch on the open grass, Ty asked me to close my eyes and reach out my hands for dessert. Upon opening Elisha's eyes, he had placed the ring on the stem of the flower and he was on one knee. In shock, Elisha asked me on several occasions if this was real...and I said "of course"!