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Wedding | Steph + Marc | Swaneset Bay Resort

There are a lot of magical moments over the course of a relationship, but there's nothing quite like the first time you set eyes on your spouse-to-be at your wedding. For Steph & Marc, that moment will stand out in their minds forever.

"Everyone tells you how fast the day goes, and you don't realize how true that is until you experience it," Steph explains. "The wedding went by in the blink of an eye, but the one moment we will never forget is the moment we first saw each other during the ceremony."

As the photographer capturing that moment, I can attest to how romantic it really was.

I can also attest to the blur of love, fun, laughter and celebration that made their wedding day zoom by in the blink of an eye!  

Steph and Marc have a wonderful group of friends and family that were ready to throw down and celebrate them to the fullest. The bridal party in particular was a hoot - they were so goofy and hilarious during the post-ceremony photoshoot that everyone was tearing up with laughter.

And with good reason: Steph is quick to admit that the best part of the day came right after the ceremony had wrapped: "there were so many nerves before the ceremony and after it just felt like a huge relief to have it over and just celebrate the fact that we just got married!"

The celebrations continued on into the night with speeches, dancing, and some fun wedding games, all against the backdrop of the gorgeous Swan-e-set Resort in Pitt Meadows (basically a Vancouver wedding photographer's dream).

"I really wanted the wedding to be simple and romantic, so I opted for a dark blue accent (groomsmen's suits and bridesmaids' dresses), with mainly gold and white as the colours for the reception," says Steph. "I feel like those colours were so soft and elegant and really accentuated our beautiful reception site."

I agree!

Best of luck to you, Steph & Marc - if your life together is anything like your wedding day, it's going to be jam-packed with good laughs and great romance.

Authored byEdward    Photographed by: Edward   Category: Wedding    Venue: Swan-e-Set Bay Resort & Country Club   Music: Absolute DJs   Cake Artist: Jean's Cake and Pastries   Florist: 99 Nursery & Florist   Hair & Makeup: Save the Date Beauty